Sandie Baker CSNU
Tutor and Course Organiser at
The Arthur Findlay Spiritual College

Spiritual Medium

Sandie was born and was raised in Norfolk, U.K.

Her mediumistic abilities were there as a child, but with no structure, formal knowledge or guidance. Her abilities were not developed until she became formally involved with Spiritualism when she was 25 years old.
She first became interested in Healing, which she still feels privileged to work with. After joining a Home Circle to enhance other areas of her Mediumship, her clairvoyant ability became apparent.
Sandie attended the Arthur Findlay College (AFC) where she was helped to develop her gifts by study and personal experience. In 2003 she progressed to become a Tutor and then in 2008 she became a Course Organiser at the AFC.

Working with her Mediumship has become a major part of her life. She works extensively in the fields of Mediumship and Healing throughout the UK and Internationally. Sandie spends much of her time demonstrating and teaching many aspects of Spiritualism, presenting lectures, seminars and workshops.

Sandie believes that our Mediumistic and Spiritual development is a journey that we should embrace; gaining knowledge and understanding should make it a journey to be enjoyed. We can then adopt the approach of “not limiting our Mediumship or the Spirit World”.

Her belief is that students learn best through a practical approach, gaining understanding from experience. She adopts a relaxed but informative style in her work.

Sandie works extensively with the use of colour, not only on a psychic level but with the Spirit World. This fascination with colour led her to become trained as an Aura Soma Therapist.

To Sandie, teaching is a passion which she considers a privilege:
"Who am I to say I am a Spiritual Teacher?
I merely share my knowledge along with the
knowledge of the Spirit World”.
Sandie has very high standards and encourages people to find,
in themselves, a link with the
Spirit World.

"I have really enjoyed my week so much I have re-booked the same for next year."